Add team instructions and other info to each kanban workflow step?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Yeah, we can turn a single-select status-like field into kanban view workflows for teams. Got it.

But how to add more info for each of these kanban workflow steps? To document the workflow, to give team member easy access to "what should I do at this step?" Links to related assets, templates, full docs, Loom videos etc?

Yeah, you can do a 2 table approach, where you have a more robust "Steps" table instead of a single-select "status" type field. But then you lose the ability to have a "steps as kanban columns" view.

How do you all build card-moving kanban views that also act as helpful process deocumentation for each of those steps?


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17 - Neptune
17 - Neptune

If you want them to be proper fields (e.g. attachments), you could use a record template for this where you apply the specific template for each step as needed.  You could also make an automation to update a record when it's a certain step with specific information too (and also pull from the other table you mentioned)

You could technically do this with a formula field that looked at the step and output the text you wanted as well, but then it'd just all be text fields which is probably not what you want