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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

I am creating a new base however, I am struggling with the setup. I have a large amount of people imam keeping track off and their daily rates plus contract start and end dates. I need to track then and also the rates and provide reminders once contracts ends. How can I automate this table to be easy to navigate and have all this info in one place.

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Hey @heavenleigh!
Welcome to the forums!

At the most basic level, you’ll want to start with a single table to achieve what you’re trying to do.

This table will contain your employee/contractor(?) records.
All the other information is just contained within that record.

Here, I’ve created that table.


Naturally, this will probably vary from your setup.
Since it might be beneficial to be able to sort your contacts by their last names, I set up fields for their first and last name, respectively.

The primary field is a formula field that concatenates the two together to produce their full name.

I’ve created two date fields for their contract start and end dates.
For the example I created, their end dates are just five weeks from the start date.

I also have a currency field to hold their daily rates.

At this point, you have your data structure.
There’s nothing you have to automate from here.

Now, if you want to start digging into the dope things you can do with your workflow, here are some examples to jumpstart your curiosity.

  • Automated messages when a contract end date is within the next week/month/etc.
  • Messages to the actual contact when their contract is about to expire.
  • Get a summary of how many contacts have contracts expiring in next month.

It’s really a question of what you want to do.
Once you have that in mind, you’ll be able to build a solution to it.