Getting "cannot create records on this table" error from PABBLY CONNECT

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I currently have two connections between pabbly connect and airtable.
Both connections go to the same base but, different tables.
The base is called SQUARE, the tables are TRANSACTIONS & INVOICES.
Using the  airtable personal token that I created for this base I should be able to connect pabbly and send any information to airtable I need.
1) the connection to the INVOICES table works perfectly with no problems.
2) the connection to the TRANSACIONS table is giving me the error.
Both connection, use the same airtable personal token and only 1 works.
I already try to make a second airtable personal token ( 1 for each table) but, I got the same error with the TRANSACTION table

In conclusion, it looks like their is some type of glitch not letting pabbly create records on one of the tables of the base but not the other. I need this fixed as soon as possible.


this is what I get in pabbly when sending information to the INVOICES table
This is the pabbly workflow for invoices table :


This is what I get for the TRANSACTION table connection
here is the workflow in pabbly for TRANSACTIONS :




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