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Getting the current ID from the form and removing it

I would like to create a script that checks if my employee has already taken an advance on the same day. If it has already been taken, the new record should be deleted. I do this in the form. How can I get the current record ID from the form and dele...

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Static Aging of Status

I am trying to create a formula to calculate the number of days a specific status is active. For example, how many days the ticket is "On Hold". The need is to calculate the number of days the ticket was actually active, in other words the difference...

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Zip Files as separate files

Is there a script/formula I can use to extract zip files as separate files and have them saved in another field?

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Resolved! Formula to identify diacritics

Hello,I am working on a base that includes artists' names and a lot of them have diacritics in their first and last name. Is there a formula that I can use that could identify if there are diacritics used? It can be a simple True or False formula tha...

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Autonumbering Formula Problem

Hello everyone,Me and my team are working on a database for my business, to be frank we're new to Airtable, and there's something we can't quite figure out. There's this one table that is for recapping all of our clients' consultation sessions. After...

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Single Select Outputs for Formula fields

bonjour la communauté, la nouvelle mise à jour des champs de formule permet des sorties à sélection unique pour les champs de formule. J'ai un champs ou est concaténé plusieurs informations incluant une sélection unique. J'ai testé cette nouvelle fon...

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