Combining record links to another table within the current one

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I have table named “Groups” which contains fields about a Group Therapy Session along with two Lookup columns to another table called “Session Master” which contains the materials(i.e. books) used for the session in the group.

pi1 pic2

Now, in the Session Master table the fields to which the Group’s lookup columns are pointing to are named “Pre-Session Materials” & “Post-Session Assets” respectively. Those two are actually links to multiple records of another table named “Content Library”.

pic3 pic4

What i want to do is to find all the Records from both the Pre-Session Materials & Post-Session Assets and combine them into one column within the Groups table. Is that possible?

I have this formula already which just joins the contents of both of these as a string array but i need them to be record links so that i can show them in stacker as interactable content. The formula is the “All Session Materials” column in the Groups table and its formula is ARRAYJOIN({Materials from Sessions} , {Post-Session Materials from Sessions}).

P.S. I’m pretty new to Airtable so please bare with me :slightly_smiling_face:

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10 - Mercury

This is a known limitation that I’d like to see change too. As for the formula bit, seems you’ve already discovered, they convert to strings rather than maintaining the lovely linked record functionality. There isn’t a current way to convert a string to a linked record object, or even generate hyperlinks.


One thing you could look into would be generating URL links instead. They’d be long links, so it’ll look a little messy - particularly when multiple are listed. I forget the specifics but each Airtable URL is something like It’d look something like this when you’re done:

multiple links

If you use rollups, I recommend using a formula that joins with linebreaks to keep the links separated. Something like ARRAYJOIN(values,"\n\n"). FYI, it’s SHIFT + Space to expand cells into a modal as pictured. Best of luck!