Conditionally Adding Selecting More Options of a Multiple Select Field Given Existing selections

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4 - Data Explorer

So I have an existing table where I am trying to compile a list of different business chains and their locations (both cities AND counties) I have 2 separate data lists that I am working with - a list of cities where the businesses operate, and a list of counties and each city within them.

One of the columns is a multiple-select where I can choose different cities where “Business A, Business B…” have existing chains. “San Francisco, Oakland, etc.”

Is there any way, either in the same cell or in an adjacent column that once I add a city “San Francisco” for example I can automatically get “San Francisco County” or “Oakland” and “Alameda County”. The maybe tricky part is that if I have multiple cities from the same county, I don’t want duplicate county names.


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Hi @Matt_Knigge,

Welcome to Airtable community!

The best way I cam think of is the following:

  1. In the Business Table, Link the City Field to the County Table

  2. Add a new Field beside the City Field, make it a Lookup Field, set it to get the County from the other table.

Does that help?