Create a formula to match values from two different tables

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7 - App Architect

This one has me stumped…

Please help!

I have two tables in my base.

Table A has a field called ‘Brand URL’
Table B also has a field called ‘Brand URL’

I would like a formula field to find matches between Table A and B based on their Brand URL values.

When a match is found, I would like to automatically link the records together.

What’s the best way to do this?


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Hi @Dean_Arnold,

You cannot create such formula. HOWEVER, how about you change this Field into a Linked Field instead? Use this field to create a new Table, link both fields in both tables to this new table, then you can pull whatever data you want.


Sadly, unlike more advanced database systems, there is no automated linking in Airtable… all links must be explicitly & manually chosen by the user every time.

I have suggested automatic linking as a feature request for Airtable — perhaps you can comment on this thread to add your voice into the mix, so Airtable employees can understand your need for this feature: Automatic linking of tables based on any field

However, the only exception to this rule of manually linking records is when doing a one-time conversion of a field to a linked field, in which case Airtable will do a one-time automatic matching to the primary field only in the other table.

This will likely be what you’re looking for — you can do a one-time automated linking of your existing data, and then manually link new records moving forward in the future. I explain how to do this process here: Vlookup Style Search in the Same Table

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thanks! @Mohamed_Swellam , Unfortunately in my case, the brand URL field is not going to be unique, so I can’t use it as a primary field.

@ScottWorld Thanks! That is a bummer what you say. So it only works once? Could I not continually change the field from text to a linked record every time I wanted to make the connection?

Well, once your tables are linked based on that field, if URL remains the primary field in table #1, then matching URL’s in the linked URL field in table #2 will automatically & continually link from that point forward.