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Field for latest date in a linked record OR filtering by latest action

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I’m trying to figure out how to create a column that lists the last date that a particular person was contacted. Right now, I have two tables: one is a list of contacts and another is a list of messages to that contact (with dates). I created a lookup table that populates a field “last contacted” by the time stamp on the message associated with that person as lookup to a linked field.

Here’s the problem: the field lists every single date that the person was contacted, not the last time the person was contacted. How would I filter the column to only show the most recent date? Or, some other work around that only takes the most recent time stamp associated with a linked record?


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In your [Contacts] table, you’ve got a field that links to the messages for each contact (auto-created when linking to the contacts from that other table), correct? To find the latest contact date, add a Rollup field, pulling from the links to the [Messages] table, choosing the date field to roll up, and setting the aggregation function to MAX(values). That will display the latest date out of all the dates for that contact.

I’m having trouble implementing this. Right now it’s a lookup field (and that populates multiple dates). If i try to add a roll up field it only recognizes linked fields and not the lookup field that has the dates. Thanks

Change your Lookup field to a Rollup field, with settings as I described above. That should just give you a single date.