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4 - Data Explorer

I have a formula created that is predicated on creating a count by a criteria. We have a list of records and each line item has an associated email entered. I'm trying to create a formula that will be a running count based on the emails. Essentially this is a count of shifts someone works with us. Can anyone help with this?

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Am imagining that you have a table of Employees and a table of Shifts and then a join table where Employees and Shifts have a one-to-one relationship (for each record in that table, you can have only one Employee and one Shift).  If that’s the case, then you would need a rollup field in your Employees table that counts the number of linked records in the join table. Then you would use that field for your formula field. 

But you might have a different setup, so you might need a different solution. 

Any idea the best way to set up the rollup field to count the number of linked records to the join table? 

I haven’t seen your data setup, so I don’t know what the best way is. Try just a straight up COUNTALL() for linked records and see where that gets you?

Thanks I will give that a try!