Linking 2 tables so that one table is a summary of the other

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Table A contains individual evaluations of project performance. I want to create Table B that summarizes the evaluations by Project Team (average of individuals’ responses for a specific project).

Table A fields include: Project Name I Year l Responses to Evaluation Q’s

What is the best way to link both tables so that individual responses for a specific project automatically appear altogether in 1 cell in Table B?
Below are the tables that I hope to create. All the separate responses in Table A to autopopulate in Table B according to the projects they are linked to so that I can average all responses by projects in Table B.


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Were you able to get this working, or are you still looking for help to set this up?

Still looking for help!

That’s your answer right there: link both tables. Right now you have a formula in [Table A] that creates the project name. What you need is a link to that project in [Table B].

From what I see, the entries in [Table A] are coming from a form. Could you let people choose the target project from [Table B] in that form?

Thanks for the help @Justin_Barrett!