Using DATEADD to create a notification at a specific date/time

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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to create a reminder function in Airtable that will populate a field in a record with a “remind me” time based on a selection from a previous field. Then, when that field is equal to the date and time, I will have a “last modified time” update and run a Zap in Zapier to send a reminder. Here is the formula I am using to try and populate the date/time for the reminder to run. It works for “At due date/time” and “10 minutes before”. However, any intervals beyond those two are not populating the formula field at all. The spelling is correct between the formula and the trigger selection menu. Is there something in my formula making it run wrong?

IF({Remind Me When}=“At due date/time”,{Due Date},IF({Remind Me When}=“10 minutes before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-10,‘minutes’,IF({Remind Me When}=“30 minutes before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-30,‘minutes’,IF({Remind Me When}=“1 hour before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-1,‘hours’,IF({Remind Me When}=“2 hours before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-2,‘hours’,IF({Remind Me When}=“1 day before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-1,‘days’,IF({Remind Me When}=“2 days before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-2,‘days’,IF({Remind Me When}=“1 week before”,DATEADD({Due Date},-1,‘week’,“”)))))))))))))))

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