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Interfaces - Field Not Available in Filter Drop Down

Good morning, I am working on an Interface and I want to add a drop down filter for a specific field in the table I am using. But Airtable is only offering me one field and it is a linked field. Is there a reason that a native short text field is not...

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Resolved! Interface: Kaban Collaborators Comments

Scenario: I have a base with a table in it.  This base has the grid view, kaban view, and a form view.  The form view allows for the creation of new records.  When using the Kaban view from within the Data section, it seems very useful in my overall ...

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Export Reporting built in Interface

Hey All - hoping someone might be able to help me out here.  Using the list view in Interfaces and three dropdown options, I give my users the ability to generate and view custom reports. I'm trying to find a way to allow them to download/save/export...

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Changing Interface Color with Update

Hi there,Last week I was able to change the color of each interface, as desired. I have searched high and low and can't find how to change the color in the new design, so I'm stuck with boring grey. Please send help... Thanks

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Resolved! Worst trash can ever

Is it just me or is this the worst placed delete button ever? That's where the close button goes, guys... Good job there's an undo feature! 

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New update changed Interface

Previously had the blue bar highlighted on the left on the with each subsection to chose from and this was originally show across the top bar. Unfortunately, Airtable recently updated their format and now this bar appears on the left side as shown an...

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Resolved! Filtering by current user and having 2 kinds of users

Hello,We are creating an interface that is filtered by collaborator is current user. But collaborators can be of 2 kinds (from a simple select: commercial and analyst).  And both fields have to appear in the record in the interface. So that a Commerc...

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Invalid visual variant

I am running into an issue with an interface.Trying to use a form to add a record, one of the Single Line Text fields is shows as "Invalid visual variant", not allowing data to be entered.Any thoughts on how to fix this?This particular field is not l...

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Adding color to text elements in Interface design

Is there any plan to add Text color option to Text Elements and X/Y axis labels in the Interface design?I am trying to create some nice dashboards for a small client to monitor the results of their surveys/questions in the surveys.The client provided...

x-y axis colors.jpg
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Resolved! If we're stuck with this side bar.....

At least let me re-order the interfaces that are listed.Right now it's as you create is the order that is displayedI really want interfaces that are related to each other to be next to each otherFor example New Contact at top, Lookup Contact and Acti...

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Can I make summary data fully public?

I would like a histogram of data from one of my bases to be publicly available, in real-time -- either on an airtable page or embedded in another webpage.I thought Interfaces would achieve this but it doesn't seem to allow fully public dashboards. Is...

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