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Avg. sales by date, problem with timeframes

Hello, I find it difficult to work with time frames in Airtable. Am I missing something?Example:Let's say I'm selling cars and with each sale I add it as a sold car record to Airtable with its details.Manufacturer: AudiType: A6Date: 22/3/2024Price: 5...

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Why are elements (groups) in an airtable dashboard non resizable? I added a dashboard interface in airtable with two number groups that show the count of companies and two chart groups. When I click on the expand button on the chart group, I want it ...

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Form doesn't allow user to upload files?

I created an "upgraded" form and gave users commenter access to the base and workspace. However, when they try to upload a file (images to be specific), they get an "invalid permissions" error. Is there a setting that I am missing? I tried out this s...

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Displaying last entered data from form

We have a form that we use to calculate current enrollment of a program, this number will change periodically.  We have an interface that shows a bunch of other data points as well.  How can I display the last entered data for currently enrolled?

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Gin by 4 - Data Explorer

Filter values can not be changed on iPadOS 17 Update

Dear All,We have an digital product manufacturing line and we are using airtable to assign an order.Right now, they couldn't filter any data on airtable while it is opened on iPad. Before update it is working and they reach relavent data by using dat...

IMG_0003.png IMG_0002.png
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creating a view-only iPad drink menu

I am helping a friend's small restaurant create a drink menu that can be viewed from iPads in the restaurant.There are many types of beverages that are updated in the master Airtable.I just want a view-only way for customers to glance at that list on...

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Ken by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Displaying Records as Grouped With The Record Picker

Hi, I have a Data table that is structured in the following way:IDValueQuantity101A1101B2102A3Within the data view I have these records grouped by the 'ID' field. However, when attempting to create an interface and including a 'Record Picker', it sho...

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