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Resolved! Unable to Edit Fields on iPhone app using Interfaces

Hello,I have been creating interfaces for my techs to use so they can update jobs while in the field - the interface is designed to give them the information they need about a job, and allow them to quickly take notes, upload pictures, and log their ...

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UX Problem with Interface Filter

When using the interfaces in Airtable, I face a strange problem. When I create a new interface, I can set a filter. When I like the interface, I would like to duplicate the interface, but with a different filter. How can I do this? Thank you!, Simon

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Airtable Interface Views

The Insights function provides information on activity for a given base and/or associated interfaces. It doesn't get me what I'm looking for so I'm curious if there is a way to gather additional metrics such as:MAURatio of new to returning visitorsBo...

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Multiple sub--interface instances

I have enabled viewing record details and customized the 'sub interface' however I now have 15 instances of this and have no idea how they appeared there, they all look identical except that the automation buttons don't work... is there somwhere I ca...

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Resolved! Airtable Interface (Forms) -> Value Check

Hello all,We have a fleet of vehicles. The people still fill in the data on a sheet of paper. I'm trying to digitize this a bit and I'm using the interface function (Forms).The person in charge would like to have a function that ensures that people c...

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Filter grid based on options from another table

Hi,I have 4 tables in my base:StaffGroupTeamDeliverablesThe Staff table has a linked record to determine a person's Team/Group.  The Deliverables table has a linked record to determine what staff is working on a deliverable and a lookup value to show...

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Interface charts: Legends get cut-off

The Interface functionality is generally very nice, but I'm having a problem with formatting my charts, particularly pie charts. No matter how wide I make the chart, or where the legend is located (side/top/bottom), it cuts off the names of my catego...

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 11.07.21 PM.png
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Grid Interface Element - some layout questions

HI,I'm implementing a base for approx. 20 users and for security and confidentiality reasons I need to use a grid element in the interface to display each user's  records .While the grid is working correctly,  I have some formatting questions that I ...

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Pie Chart Issue

Is anyone having any issues with the Pie Chart in an Interface? I keep getting an error asking me to refresh when I first load it into the interface. Refreshing doesn't work, deleting and re-adding doesn't help, it's really odd.

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Interface Graphs not Loading

Even though I believe this is an Airtable support question, I'm posting here because that's the option I have.I have a client with about 10 interface pages. On one of these pages, the graphs are in a constant loading state, or say "Internal error, pl...

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interface filter elements tabs

if you add an interface page with a gallery template it gives you options to set up filter elements tabs with different filter criteria for each tabbut if you start with a blank page and add a gallery element, those filter elements don't seem to be a...

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How to Filter Out Null Values in a Chart

Hi, I am creating a chart that shows Purchase Orders grouped by status, but I am getting a group for "null." The status field is a drop-down single select with the 3 options below.  I've confirmed that the status of all records is not empty. I have a...

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How to delete an interface LAYOUT

How do I delete an interface LAYOUT (i.e., when I click on a linked record on a page and it opens another page in the drawer with a customized LAYOUT). I have a whole bunch of excess layouts that I was experimenting with and it has made a mess of my ...

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