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Ability to export or print full Interface

Are there any plans to make a more robust print/export/embed functionality in the Interface feature? I know there are some graphs that can be printed, but I want to be able to export the full Interface as a PDF. We are using the Interface for an org-...

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[ISSUE] Parentheses removed when we download file

Hello,On Interface Designer of Airtable, when a user preview the PDF this is working correctly.But, when he download the PDF, Airtable remove the parentheses of the name files.Is it a normal behavior from Airtable ?We need to keep identically name fi...

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Making a user interface for different uses from Airtable

Hello everyone!I'm looking to sell the tool that I created in Airtable as a subscription to other people. Or potentially as a one time sell.What would be a good way to make this available to them? I don't want others to be able to see the code that's...

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