How to add a new record from an interface?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am really thrilled with exploring the features of this new and game-changing Airtable functionality. I think it would be super useful to my team which deals with hundreds of social media posts per month created and edited by several of our departments.

To give this a go, I started by creating an interface which would help our education department organize their programs and link social media requests to records another table - I already have all that setup. Where I am stuck on, is on the ability of creating a new record from the interface itself (i.e. create a new upcoming program from the interface where I am browsing the programs). I cannot find an element such as “add new record” or for that matter “delete record”. Do we have to go back to the regular grid-views to add or delete records? That sounds a bit convoluted…

I am loving the new feature and I understand that it is in Beta, but I really want to use it to its fullest and would love any suggestions, or if we could add that functionality for the full version.

Thanks so much!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Another solution, not too bad as a workaround:

Create an Automation triggered on an Interface button that creates a new record, passing "New Record" into the  Primary field (or any field you want to run the record keeper on).

Create the button on the Interface and link to the Automation.

Click the button, and then search for New Record in the Record Picker.

Takes some light instruction for the user in a text element but not too tricky.