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I'm looking for a Airtable developer (a pro in writing custom script) for a great project. For the first fase we need a solid base that works. Price and time frame can be discussed. After the first fase there is more to come. So basically we are really looking for someone we can work together with long term.

The base of the project:

From several websites we have leads coming in to Airtable through forms with a Zapier link. The leads (home service requests from specific postal codes) can have one of three categories and need to be distributed to max. 6 contractor (contracters are grouped) from within the postal code region.

So I guess the scripting comes in here.. Contracters have to be available, have daily credits, match category type and postal code. If a group only has 3 contractors then a script has to search for another group linked to the specific postal code and repeat this to fill the pool so a total of 6 contractors is assigned to the lead. A mail notification with lead information will be send to the 6 selected contractors at the same time.

In the Leads table or Contractors table we must see a history of received leads so we can filter and export a specification to attach to the montly invoice.

Additional fases:

  • When a contractor runs out of credits he will receive a 'limit reached' mail
  • If the script fails to fill the pool with 6 contracters a seperate table with dummy contracters (freebies) must be used to fill up the pool of 6. These contracters receive a mail with lead information but with contact information censored(*******).
  • Contracters can complain if a lead is not legit within 5 days after receiving the lead (we need automation for this to approve or dissaprove a complaint)
  • Contractor login to change daily limit, category types, postal codes.
  • Additionally we need a auto-montly-invoice system with our MoneyBird account

Ill stop here, there is much more and I can go in details but for now the first fase, the solid base, is very important for us.

Please send me a message or mail to if you are interested in this project so we can discuss the details.

With kind regards,



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Hi Rick,

I'm pretty active on the forums so you can get a grasp of how I work from my activity, and I've got a bunch of example projects that you can find here

I'm comfortable going directly to scripting if clients want that, but generally favour trying to find a workaround that uses Airtable's native functionality, as that means clients can make changes themselves instead of having to get an external party to help every time

If you think I could help, here's a link to schedule a free half hour call to see whether we'd be a good fit

Best of luck either way!

(I've also sent you an email!)