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I had 5.500 records in a main table and this morning they’re just gone. That simple. No filter ou sorting issue, just no record at all. I recovered the table from a snapshot, but all the linked table and fields were lost.
I can’t find a way to understand what was the cause of this problem and it’s making my team concerned about how reliable Airtable is. Is there a way to understand what happended?

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If you click on the trash can icon in the empty base, does it show a history of fields & records & tables being deleted?

@ScottWorld Thank you for your reply. Nope, the trash can is empty.

Very odd. I would send an email to about this.

Thank you. I first emailed support and got this message*

For a quick response to a product question, we recommend posting in our 24/7 Community Forum, where the majority of customers receive a detailed response in under 72 hours. You may also find the answer you’re looking for in the articles below or by visiting our Help Center.

Anyway, I’ll wait for them to reply. Thanks again!

Yeah, that message is a lie. Lol. Nobody from Airtable is officially monitoring these forums. It’s just us fellow Airtable users hanging out here & helping each other whenever we can. Be sure to post back here with whatever Support tells you!

There is a reason the message does not actually say “Someone who works for Airtable will answer your question on the forums.” They’re saying you will get a faster answer if you post here, which is probably true.

Ha, true! Although they are very subtly implying that Airtable Support will be the ones responding here within 72 hours. What they really should say is that they have a loyal group of users like you & me who volunteer a lot of our free time to help people out.