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Automatic numbering & calculating dates

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I am looking to create a table of the cat population of my sanctuary. I would like the first column to be a number that automatically populates that is not necessarily attached to the record. I want to be able to order the records alphabetically by name but always need the records to be numbered 1-?? so I know how many cats I have.
I also would like to have a Birthdate column and an Age column that is automatically calculated so I’ve always got an accurate age for them when I go to look at their record.
Any help on this would be appreciated. :thumbs_up:

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Hi There,
You can Use the first column to create the auto numbers by customizing field type and select “Auto number”, use another field to then enter Cat names.

Add a column for birthdate and select Date as the format type

Asuming your date column is named “birthdate”, use the formula below in a new column to calculate age

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),birthdate,‘years’)&’ Year(s), ‘& MOD((DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),birthdate,‘months’)),12)&’ Months’