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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

To enable working offline, and saving valuable data usage (Satellite), does the desktop support local (offline) configuration of tables, views etc, and then permit a “refresh” of the published new version?

We are lucky to get 4meg/sec during daytime - and only 20 during the wee hours of the morning! Assuming the data caps don’t kick in.! Then I might as well have a phone modem.

Thanks - Dave

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That’s 4mbs (megabits, not 4MBs), right?

I remember those days. I currently have 2GBs (dual 1 Gigabyte) pipes in my house. I can download a full-length feature film in about 7 seconds. I cannot say I feel your pain, but I can remember when I felt your pain.

Thanks for making me feel even worse! Ha! We can’t even stream a 320px movie from Netflix. Looking into 5G cell, but no towers near us yet. I think we just need a higher octane Kerosene! I’d better shut up now----using up precious overpriced BITs.

To drink? Or to burn?

I literally moved from Colorado to Utah to get better Internet service. I was paying $180/month for barely 20 MBs and it was preventing me from earning far greater fees for video analytics and AI. When I got here, I picked up 1GB up and down for $79/month. Half-kidding, I asked the installer if I could have two GBs for $160/month and he said sure!

I typically stream terabytes just for a few days of work on security footage from my clients.

I hope you get more bandwidth and soon because connectivity performance is likely the least of Airtable’s concern. If more bandwidth is not in the cards, there’s lots of cheap housing here and Vegas is just 90 minutes away.

I ran a couple tests. When there’s no Internet connection, the desktop version displays the following message after launching:

“It looks like you’re not connected to the internet right now. We’ll try again in a few seconds.”

If you open the application while connected, choose a base and table to work on, then disconnect, here’s what does/doesn’t work:

:white_check_mark: Adding new records
:white_check_mark: Reordering fields
:warning: Adding data to existing fields (some types work, others don’t)
:warning: Adding new fields (few types work, most don’t)
:x: Adding new views
:x: Switching to a different view/table/base
:x: Live formula updates

Long story short, you’re extremely limited when offline, but not totally dead in the water.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you for the concise answer. It’s refreshing to have a reply with some diagnosis instead of hypothesis behind it. And a nice graphic too!
Of course- it’s not the answer I wanted to see, as the Dev is what I’m seeking. We have that ability in Alpha5 (publish) - but at an extreme cost relative to AirTab.

Your effort is greatly appreciated.
Will the developers someday make it so?


It’s possible. There’s already a pretty big thread (linked below) where people have been asking for an offline mode for a long time. One thing that the devs asked early in this thread is for specific use case details. I’ve skimmed many of the responses, but don’t know for certain if a case like yours has come up. Even if it has, I feel it’s worth adding your voice to those already there.