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Marking New Records as Duplicates

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Hi all,

My question relates to auto-verifying records which are being treated as device replacement applications/orders which are either approved or denied. The system should work on it’s own, uploading “approved” records on to our separate order management system on its own.

I’ve managed to get verification codes working, but I’m struggling to find a way to identify whether a newly created record contains the same device serial number as a previously entered record which was approved for replacement. Basically, I want to say IF a previous record with this serial number already exists THEN mark status field as Denied.

I’ve considered making the serials the primary field, but in that case if an application was placed into the table via our Typeform plugin that had the same serial, wouldn’t it create an error?

Appreciate any help! Hoping there’s a smart way to do this.


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The only native Airtable tool I’m aware of for duplicate detection is Dedupe, which is a block. It’s not quite what you’re looking for.

But I’ve been splitting our status fields into two so that it can handle more complicated logic. It looks like this:

Status Controls (single select)

Status (formula)

More often than not, Status will reflect whatever Status Controls is displaying. But for certain cases, it’ll be overridden based on other field values.