Missing columns when syncing JIRA to Airtable

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6 - Interface Innovator



     I sucessfully imported tickets from JIRA to AirTable. They are synced and working fine, but...
     My JIRA registers have 342 columns in it and olny 85 columns are imported.
     I don't need all 342 columns in my AirTable dashboard, but I'd like to select some fields I want or, at least, select some of them.

     Is there a way to import all fields or to select the ones I want?

Sync overview articles ( 



Thank you

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


 we can create a customized integration. By leveraging Airtable's API and JIRA's extensive API capabilities, we can build a script to selectively import only the fields you need. This approach will allow you to maintain a streamlined Airtable dashboard while still having access to critical data from JIRA.

Here's a practical approach:

  • Use a script to pull data from JIRA, allowing you to specify the fields to be imported.
  • Create an intermediate data storage or processing step to filter and map the required fields before pushing them to Airtable.
  • Schedule regular syncs to ensure that your Airtable reflects the most up-to-date information from JIRA.
6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


     Thank you for the input @Sachin_191 !

     But I kindly ask you to show me any template about this script .
     I don't know where are the menus to input it, for both JIRA/AirTable, can you show me? I
     f you also have a sample of this script I will really appreciate? 

(I'm quite a rookie in such matters...
     I thank you twice!



Happy to help you build your dream automation and scale your business.

Let's Schedule the call and discuss this in more detail. I look forward to talking to you and your team should they join us.

We can help you with your integrations, implementations, support, improvement, training, and services and you can also learn along the way!



6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you for the offer @Sachin_19 but the issue was already solved.