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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I exported a view to csv file so I could work on it and ID duplicates for some of my data. However, when I compare the csv export with the data in the table, the order of the rows in the csv appears to be random and does not follow the same order in my table. How can I export to csv and maintain the same order I have in my table?
Thanks in advance

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And are users who have the ability to export the content unable to alter that view?

Looking at how this thread began…

The only user that I’m aware of in this scenario is @Ana_Lara. If we were talking about a team of people, there’s a valid concern that someone else might change things. As far as we know now, though, it’s a team of one, and I’d like to think that Ana can take what we’ve discussed and move ahead with confidence.

If @Ana_Lara is in a multiple user scenario (although as @Justin_Barrett pointed out, she might just be a single user), that’s what locked views are for.

Yes, they can be unlocked, but not without the user getting a warning about why it was locked in the first place, and asking if they want to proceed.

Actually, personal views are even more restrictive than locked views, so that could be a good choice, too.