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The Rating field is not working on the Android app, anyone else having this problem?

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Hi there,

We’re using airtable to rate things across a number of users and devices and the rating field (with stars) does not appear correctly on Android phones. No stars appear and it is not editable, despite the user being Creator level and the field being editable.

Is anyone else having this issue with the Rating field on Android?


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Yes, I am also having this issue. I use an air table database to keep track of books I’ve read (authors, ratings, tropes, content warnings) for recommending and I suddenly can’t edit the star rating field. Not sure when it started as it’s been a minute since I’ve updated.

Hey @Amy_Strickland so I spoke to support and they said a fix would be pushed this week, either Monday or Weds. I have checked and it doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet so I’m presuming the fix will be released tomorrow? Can anyone from Airtable let us know if this is the case please? It’s causing major airtable brownie point lossage for our Android users! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Still not working as of Tuesday morning, but I get the feeling the office was short in people on Memorial Day. Hope it gets fixed soon.

thanks for the information.

Still broken. Definitely after Wednesday.