Where are there change notices? - Interface Form submission has changed

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7 - App Architect

Sometime between two weeks ago and today, my INTERFACE form changed on create (submit) - from having just the create button when click which showed a small dialog that popped up (still leaving the layout behind empty asking 'do you want to create another entry' which I tend to close to now a full fledge white page with the verbiage

Thank you for submitting the form!
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If I wanted this I would have made an outside form.
I have folks entering data into the system - they do not need this.  
And there is no way to customize it, and turning it off the submit another , prevents them from getting to the form at all.
Please bring back the keep the form present / small dialog option!
More so - please make change notices available.  Almost daily now something has changed in both the Home page and the Interface section that is slowing down my teams.
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4 - Data Explorer


I understand your frustration with the recent changes to the INTERFACE form in your system. It can be challenging when updates are made without prior notice, especially if they impact your team's workflow negatively.

To resolve this matter, I recommend reaching out to the support or technical team responsible for the system you are using. They should be able to assist you with any customization options, provide insights into why the changes were made, and offer possible solutions or workarounds that could better suit your team's needs.

When contacting the support team, you can also request that they consider providing change notices in the future. Transparent communication about updates is essential for users to adapt to changes smoothly and to understand how these updates may affect their workflows.

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I noticed this as well, but with all the other things they have made worse I guess I just considered it part of the bundle.

@RonniEloff_VKDe  - I'm adding another comment to the thread below.  I'm not expecting it to make any difference, but at least there have been responses there.

Yes, I know.  In the state of all the other problems - it it as it is.  But for my team it's an extra two steps now that slow them down.

I might as well just create these forms outside with other systems and do imports.

Considering the same thing, actually created a table with different links to the same forms created with different builders so some users can see some options.  Not ready to endorse anything, but Fillout surprised me, it connects directly so you don't need to go down the webhook/make/zapier path, and you can redirect back to an interface page. 

Good luck with whatever you choose.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Thanks for making my work a lot easier. your post are appreciated.


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