Adding a Name Field


Can you add a field type specifically for names, which would include first name, last name, prefixes and suffixes as an individual part of that field type? I would like to have my first (name) column be a first and last name, but sorted by the last name. And in references to that record, on linked sheets, be able to specify what portion of that name to display (i.e… just the last name, or last name, first name.)


Ooh, this is very interesting. I don’t know if we’ve actually received this particular request before, but I like it! And we do sometimes get questions about how to sort by last names. I’ll pass this on to the rest of the team.


I’d love this. I just got started and don’t know how to sort by last name. Ryan’s suggestion would cover that and much more. :slight_smile:


I have a NAME column which is populated by the FORMULA. LNAME & ", " FNAME.
Maybe this might be of use.


+1 for this. For example, my iPhone allows me to list names as Last, First or First Last; it separately lets me sort by Last or First. Very necessary!


This is what I have too. Mine is a member roster, so the ID field is the FORMULA. LNAME & ", " FNAME field. It works pretty well. But, if they added this field type, I’d probably migrate to that.


That’s my solution, too. … and I add a pseudo suffix for ‘duplicate’ "John Doe"s.