Airtable, Piesync, and updated kanban = CRM


I currently use OnePage CRM to manage our 200-300 sales inquiries and recurring customers. I’m building an airtable that will do a lot of other useful functions and would benefit from a direct link with the CRM to share and update data.

The two things holding up a functional CRM for me are

  1. An improved view, much like an output from a webmerge or cloud print solution for paper and similar to the existing Kanban view (but with improved ability to format a template and control the sizes of boxes and subsequent outputs).

Right now there is too much scrolling for this to work well

  1. I am familiar with using Zapier to move information between apps and sync with google contacts, but it appears to be a one way sync, much inferior to Pie Sync

If everyone who is remotely interested would type your email in on this form we would have a better chance of them supporting it sooner:


Could also operate like a magnifying glass as you scroll through the normal list of records, showing the immediately following and preceding records (or 3)


Any way to sync contacts from Airtable to somewhere else (Google Contacts or similar) would be awesome!
PieSync especially since it syncs to many different tools and services.


I use Zapier to sync contacts between Airtable and Google contacts


can you actually sync it two ways?
(not only add new entries, but update existing ones when they change)
would be awesome it that worked.

I’m hoping for to add Airtable to their connections.


I know that you can update items in Airtable using Zapier, but I’m not sure it works the other way round. So, If you add items to your google contacts, new items are created in Airtable. If you update the Google contacts, the Airtable records are updated, but if you edit records in Airtable, I’m not sure they are updated in Google contacts.


this only work however if it’s NEW records in airtable. There is no way toupdate existing contacts. So it’s pretty much useless.