Allow zero in ratings


The rating field type does not allow a value of zero stars. Currently, I’m using a single-select type instead, as I do need that value to be available in some cases.

Adding this possibility, for instance using a checkbox named something like “Allow zero rating”, would be welcome.


But the minimum is 1, a 0 means no rating (yet). What do you want to achieve?


I understand that. But, in real life, a rating of zero is different from the absence of rating. For instance, in a number-based school grading system, handing in a blank copy gets you a zero; not passing the exam because you’re sick gets you no rating.

I know it’s become customary for commercial websites, for instance, to not allow a true zero rating. But other usages (or other choices for this use case) do exist.

I just want to be able to give a rating of zero. Currently, the minimum is one; we should be able to decide that the minimum may be zero.

For instance, if I want to rate dishes, the rating for what I don’t like at all should be zero. A rating of one means “a little”.


I use “no rating” for zero and works fine… but its true, you could get it wrong by thinking its not rated yet.


it occurred to me that this could be achievable by having two-color ratings.
for example yellow stars as up-rating, and red stars as down-rating.
one red-star is obviously a zero. different from a non-rating


− ⁢1⁢ ≠ 0 ≠ + 1 ≠ unknown⁢⁢.⁢


Here is my current workaround.