Bulk file upload

Is it possible to upload files in bulk? I tried to do that but it put them all into a single record.

Also, is it possible to link a data field to a specific PAGE in a pdf? (We’re a small law firm and receive large pdf files with multiple documents combined. So we frequently will bookmark to a particular page in a large file.)


Casemap can do both. It is critical to be able to bulk upload documents and for each document to be a new record/row. Is that possible?


+1. This feature would be very helpful.

Hello. Maybe someone will need it.
I use Integromat https://www.integromat.com to make bulk uploads.
I made a little video of how to use it. https://youtu.be/ucoXsRejUT0

Hope this will help

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Bulk upload of attachments is now available. On a table with an attachment field, open the “Gallery” view, and drag all of the attachments you would like to upload in bulk. You will be prompted to designate whether to create new records or to upload all files as attachments to a single record. If you choose “create new records,” each new record will be named with the file name of the uploaded file. Works great.


Can you do it with a link? not an image file?

Yes, though it will probably only work with a single link to a single file.


We made an extension that allows you to bulk upload files with links.

What you describe is exactly what I’m looking for. I just tried to do this, but there is no prompt to “create new records”. All image files are just added to that specific cell in that row. Do you know if the feature was removed?


Yea, can’t see a way to bulk upload to multiple fields. All the files keep populating the same field. Will continue to explore.

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It is working for me OK, though it took me a while to understand exactly how to do it.

1 Create a table with an attachment field
2 Populate one record
3 Click to gallery view. This will show the first record, with a big + sign in the bottom right of the screen - not in the record that is visible
4 Locate the list of files that you want to upload (for me this is a folder with about 600 pdf prints of important emails)
5 Highlight the ones you want (I have them in YMD order and am uploading a month at a time.
6 Drag over to the big + sign and drop,
7 Then you get the choice of saving one record with umpteen attachments, or umpteen records each with one attachment. I have chosen the latter, and bingo, up they go. So far AirTable has uncomplainingly uploaded more than 100 at a time.



Amazing, thank you so much for the instructions. Worked like a charm