Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)


Hi Katherine, I think Vicky means a function that would make Airtable notify you (via push, email, or text) about a Field Due Date. It would be even better to have an email containing “all items due today” and “all items due this week”


Agreed! It’s ostensibly a project management tool so it’s surprising/frustrating to me also.


+1 for this feature.

It is straightforward enough to use Zapier to handle this but having something built-in would be great.


@Airtable_Team @Airtable_Support Is this function something that you are working on or will look to add in the near future? Airtable is extremely valuable to our team’s functioning, and a reminders capability that could be added to any date field would improve our workflow and this tool significantly.


An update please!

Native reminders is a must


Its been about 2 years since this thread started and it doesn’t seem like we are going to get this feature. Start Date End Date notifications is really simple to code.


@Katherine_Duh this is really needed. You are selling and marketing Airtable as way to organize anything for instance CRM for investors, sales etc. but the fact that you don’t have a way to set alerts or reminders is kinda crazy. That’s a central part of investor management.


Really? This is a real dealbreaker for us. Will check back in the future and really hope you’ve added this feature!


+5 (for my team) on date-related reminders/alerts - this is #1 on my wishlist.


+8 for my team––need native reminders.


This is a make or break for us. We are deciding between you and a competitor. at any rate, agree with everyone above without the reminder prompt it really reduces the product’s attractiveness for project management. otherwise it’s a great product.


@Airtable_Support – I am looking to include reminders/push notifications for deadlines in my base. Is there any block or feature available right now in Airtable that can do this? Please advise. Thank you :slight_smile: