Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)


Hi Katherine, I think Vicky means a function that would make Airtable notify you (via push, email, or text) about a Field Due Date. It would be even better to have an email containing “all items due today” and “all items due this week”


Agreed! It’s ostensibly a project management tool so it’s surprising/frustrating to me also.


+1 for this feature.

It is straightforward enough to use Zapier to handle this but having something built-in would be great.


@Airtable_Team @Airtable_Support Is this function something that you are working on or will look to add in the near future? Airtable is extremely valuable to our team’s functioning, and a reminders capability that could be added to any date field would improve our workflow and this tool significantly.


An update please!

Native reminders is a must


Its been about 2 years since this thread started and it doesn’t seem like we are going to get this feature. Start Date End Date notifications is really simple to code.


@Katherine_Duh this is really needed. You are selling and marketing Airtable as way to organize anything for instance CRM for investors, sales etc. but the fact that you don’t have a way to set alerts or reminders is kinda crazy. That’s a central part of investor management.


Really? This is a real dealbreaker for us. Will check back in the future and really hope you’ve added this feature!


+5 (for my team) on date-related reminders/alerts - this is #1 on my wishlist.


+8 for my team––need native reminders.


This is a make or break for us. We are deciding between you and a competitor. at any rate, agree with everyone above without the reminder prompt it really reduces the product’s attractiveness for project management. otherwise it’s a great product.


@Airtable_Support – I am looking to include reminders/push notifications for deadlines in my base. Is there any block or feature available right now in Airtable that can do this? Please advise. Thank you :slight_smile:


@Airtable_Support +1 for reminders/alerts. I would love to see this!

I manage a doctor’s office and have switched to using Air Table to manage tasks, procedure authorizations, and other things here at the office. Having a reminder/alert system would enable me to be so much more productive and reduce the amount of time I spend using the sort/group functions to manage deadlines. Here are some examples of how I would want to use a potential reminder/alert system:

  1. Reminders: The doctor escorts a patient to the lobby and tells me I need to follow up with this patient twice in relation to this visit. Once tomorrow to see how she is responding to treatment and again in two weeks to see how the new dosage of her medication has been working. Having something pop up in the notifications section for this would be ideal.

  2. Alerts: Patient Joe Bob has tricky insurance that requires me to get pre-authorization for his ongoing visits. These authorizations are irregular, sometimes telling me he’s been approved for one month of treatment, other times telling me it’s six months. Being able to put a date in a record signifying the expiration of Joe Bob’s authorization, and having it alert me in advance that I need to get his upcoming treatments pre-authorized, would be wonderful.

If I could have it my way, I would suggest that a new field type be added rather than changing the existing Date field type. I use the Date type field on almost every page of our database to mark the beginning of something: a first-time visit, a new prescription, a new authorization. I don’t need to be alerted about these dates. I’d like to see the reminder/alert date be a field all on it’s own. I might be the only one, though. Anyone else have feelings on that?

Either way, thanks for such a great product!


Haven’t seen any responses from Airtable in awhile, but I"m going to +1 this as a feature that needs to seriously be implemented. Most of us run businesses on here, and deadlines, reminders, and dates are crucial. Please consider this asap.


Yes!!! A reminder function would be SO HELPFUL!.


My version is not showing the option for the notification. Any thoughts/advice?


imo I would just mark a field as “alertable”. If you want a special alert, you can control it via a calculated field that gets the time you want (15 minutes before, 30 minutes before, etc.). That way airtable doesn’t have to worry about that.


Have there been any updates on a calendar/ reminders/ notifications feature? I would love if it would sync with my Google calendar.


I’m going to +1 this also. Looks like people have been wanting this for a long time.
I switched my office team over to airtable for all kinds of collaborative stuff (event planning, strategic planning, general to-do organization, etc). Having due date reminders would really help my staff stay on top of things so that I don’t have to be the reminder for them. This is the one thing that makes me tempted to switch everything back to Asana.


+1 to this feature. Just started to use with my team and this is holding us back from continuing or upgrading in the future.