Calendar View Visible Hours (Height) Customization

Using Airtable to plan out my day. I like this better than using Google Calendar or iCal since I can see the items as both a list and on a calendar. I can also have way more colors and categories without getting too complicated. Issue is that many of the items are 15 minute tasks and it’s hard to visualize when the tasks push each other to the side instead of stacking. I’d suggest that calendar view be customizable so the height shows X hours at a time. Then scroll can be used to see all the items within a day and no item needs to be pushed to the side because there isn’t enough height for the name of the item.


Suggestion is to make the height of the calendar customizable. Maybe I only want to view 6-8 hours at a time, that way I can see 15 minute increment tasks as a different height from 30 minute tasks. Right now they are the same height and it gets confusing.

It is also very terrible if you need to change something other than the time when clicking on the record in calendar view. I love the new timeline view and how the cards can be updated to include different data. I wish calendar view could also have that.

Also if when changing the time from the dropdown boxes if it didn’t always start at 12am. If if could start at whatever the current time is and then be able to scroll up or down from their it would save so much time and be a better user experience.