Full Expanded Record Detail View


Fieldbook is shutting down soon, and with it goes one of my favourite features I haven’t been able to find anywhere else: an exhaustive detail view. Currently, in order to see any detail on linked records, you need to click through and open a new window. However, the way Fieldbook does it, all of that information is displayed immediately below the main entry data – and is editable!

Does anyone know of a way to implement something like this without resorting to a ton of lookup fields?


Great idea. I agree. Is there any progress on this front?


Really I was checking out fieldbook in some ways better than Airtable but airtable a bit better and free too…

One thing that I would like to see from Airtable is Rich Text Formatting for Notes, Enlarged note view to say full page if necessary…

Also I am a one person team and the wasted space on the right size, half the page for comments, team members etc is a killer when should be space for notes, details etc…


Yes, this seems very useful!!!