Is there a Tree View?

When table define linked itself, it should be organized like a tree. For instance, Place table:

name, upper

Shanghai, China
Pudong, Shanghai
Beijing, China

Tree View is very user friendly when users want to choose a place.

Is there a Tree View?


I have “part of” data that I need to manage. Tree view is the way.

You could use the org chart block or build a self linked reference with a path field.

The path field solution would look something like this.

You do that creating a single table for all the locations independent of the level. In that table, you create a parent field so each record could point to its up level. Then create a path field to hold the whole item hierarchy. This will allow you to filter and order the items using the path field. Also, you could create hierarchies with different depths.

The only way I found to fill out that path field based on parent data was through Airtable API with a script. The gif below is an example of a multi-level project tree.

If you found that promising, I wrote a post detailing that API approach and also open-sourced and provided free access to a hobby app to do that.