Link Table with specific View


I’ve found that in the interest of keeping Data Fields hidden within specific views I am able to create a better overall work flow where by I choose the View related to the input/modification task being performed.

That said, I need a way of passing that View identifier to Related Tables so that the expanded information provided is similarly “refined” to the task being performed.

This may already be possible and I just cannot find the solution.


So I just found that filters and hidden fields do not pass through to Expanded View and this would be another Feature Request.

In my opinion at least, if a view is limited to a particular set of data fields then the Expanded View (of that Customized View) should pass through.


I have to agree with Jonathan_Fuller. I use Airtable for our ambulance inventories. We have to keep an inventory of all items and a subset of items referred to as 800 items separately. I have 2 views of the items table. One of all items and one of only 800 items. When I do the 800 inventory and I link items to the inventory, it would be SO MUCH EASIER to only see the 800 items.

Many thanks, Scott Brasted


I also looking for way similar to this feature.

I have a “Song” table containing a list of songs in different categories. I have another table that linked several fields to this “Song” table. These fields are songs of different categories. In a form view, I would like to limit a particular field entry to see a specific category of the song within the table. I can use different views with filter categorize the table, but it doesn’t pass to the form field entry. I have to split this table into individual tables according to the categories to achieve this.