Magnetic views (combining several views in one window)


When creating a view, ‘filters’ and ‘grouped by’ field, are not always enough to get just the perfect overview of the information you want.

One possibility to get around this issue, is to open different views in several windows, and stack them close to one another.

But instead, it would be really useful to have ‘magnetic views’, where you can combine 2,3 or 4 views in one window. See attachments.

Magnetic View


Current but not very ideal solution. (Two windows stacked together)


I like this idea and would use this feature if implemented.


Hi. As the topic is dealing with combined views, I have a similar remark:

It would be nice to be able to combine grid and gallery views, in order to collect all information of large tables in one view. As an example, you could have a grid with many columns so that you always have to scroll rigth or click on the item to see the details.

It could be nicer if you have a grid with a gallery on the right, which filters directly on the selected topic. This would look something like this:

You thus would have an “infopanel” on the right which looks at the first selected item in your table and displays different informations compared to the grid (not editable, as your main view remains the grid view).

hopefully this is a bit clear :slight_smile:


This would be incredibly helpful for sharing information with clients. For example, we have two tables within one base which are relevant to our client. In order to provide them with a live overview of their project, current functionality requires that we send them two separate “shared view” links, which they must use to gain an overview of their content. The ability to create one overview which displays both of these views would be ideal.