Number Fields = Number Keyboard in Forms on Mobile

I’d like to request that when a number or currency field is selected in a public Form on a mobile device, the selection trigger the launching of the native number keypad, rather than the text keyboard. These fields only allow numeric input, so it would be much more convenient, on a mobile device, if I did not have to tap the 123 button (iOS) to switch to the number keyboard before entering data.

Currently, number and currency fields are implemented as <input type="text">. If they were implemented as <input type="number">, I’m pretty sure they would trigger the keyboard to launch as the number keyboard by default.

I’m sure there is some technical implementation reason why Airtable chose to implement them as text fields, but I’d still like to put this out there as a feature request, for the sake of user-convenience… Airtable, if you can figure out how to make it work with semantic number fields, it would be kind of nice :slight_smile:


This would be super helpful. We use the form to actively enter a lot of numbers and it really slows things down having to use the standard keyboard.

I would love to see this. Are there any workarounds anyone has found?