Roll Ups for Fields Linked Within The Same Table


I have a table where the linked fields are references to other rows in the same table. I want to create a roll up field, but this isn’t allowed because the links aren’t to another table. Would it be possible to remove this restriction?

Self-linking tables (and lookup/rollup/count fields)

I would like to see this feature too. Of course a lookup should be able to use a self-linking table to find data from an other row on the same table. Exemple; this row has been outdated (obsolet) by this row.


Hi! You could do that with the formula feature. Just klick formula and then select the column you need. You can also combine that feature with several rows.


i dont get it to work with formula. Are we talking about the same thing? :slight_smile:



I use this formula for collecting several columns into one column in the same table.

For Rollup you might need the “if” funtion or “count” function in the formula field.


@Avi_Doe: Unfortunately I don’t believe this solves the issue. We don’t need data from the current row/cell. We need data from another item in the same table. For some reason AirTable restricts the ability to perform Rollups & Lookups on the same table.

My table requires referencing fields within another row on that same table. Surely this should be possible, but maybe there’s something I’m not getting.


This is so necessary! Please add this Airtable!


Is there a way to do dependencies without this feature? For example, in a job scheduler, Job2 starts after Job1 ends. I want to link Job2 to Job1 as the predecessor, so I can capture a calculated end date of Job1 to set the start date of Job2. But without lookups on self linking tables, I see no way to do this.

This would also seem to be an issue for most task dependency tracking, or for anything requiring predecessors/successors.


You’re in luck: The technique [barely] described in this post and the demonstration base it references accomplishes exactly what you wish to do.


@W_Vann_Hall Thanks for your answers. Can you try to clean up those posts? You’re linking to posts of yours that link to posts of yours etc. Also none of the links you provide to example bases have enough permissions to be able to inspect the functions you’re using.


If you open the bases link and then use the button in the top right to copy the base, you can open up the copy and see all formulas.

Are you asking a forum user who has invested tons of hours helping people with problems for free to spend more time writing up a nice clean wiki for you???


Thanks for the tip about copying the base. I’m not asking anyone to write up a wiki—just to edit a few links in the same spirit of helping others that prompted them to put in the work to begin with. Linking directly to the answer with the solution would help community members benefit from their hard work and contributions, instead of going down a link rabbit hole and possibly not finding the right page.


Bewildered as to why this would not be a feature. Please implement!


This is a must! The concept of Airtable is great, but I’m starting to experience that it is definitely lacking some of these essential features we need to be able to take a full advantage of the platform. I don’t imagine this is such a difficult feature to add. Please add this feature! :pray::pray::pray:


So, I should probably make a copy of the same table and then link up to it :man_shrugging:


That sounds as if it would next to impossible to maintain. Instead, I was talking about an all-to-one link from every record in your main table to a single record in a second table. This post and referenced base goes into much more detail about the technique and potential uses.


Hi everyone! Lookup, rollup, and count fields now support looking up, rolling up, and counting from a linked record field that has been linked to its own table. This will make it easier to model the relationships between records that exist in the same table. Going to go ahead and set a timer for this thread to close—thank you all for your patience, and happy linking!


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