[SOLVED] See Sum of Number Fields in IOS App


Is there a way to see sums of Number Fields in the IOS App (They appear at the bottom of the column in the web App)?


I would also like to know if this is possible. If not, perhaps this could be moved to the Feature Request category?


I would like to see this feature, I’m tracking sales so a total (sum) is a requirement for me


I agree please add this to the feature request.


This is a fairly significant difference between the browser and mobile versions. For our application, it’s a hindrance to effectively using one of our tables when out in the wild without access to a desktop or laptop. I consider it a bug when one of my users sits in a meeting and says how annoying Airtable is because of this.

Can we get a status update? Looks like there’s a lot of interest here.


To help us better understand your needs and inform the prioritization and design of the feature, it would be useful if you provided specific details about how you’re looking to use the feature, what problem you’re trying to solve, etc. Thank you!


My use case is for tracking sales. If I have a different client record / sale on each row with a sale vale in a cell on that row, I would like to see a total (sum) of that column. You can do it in the desktop browser.

If you look at your Product Catalogue & Orders example in the app, you can only see the value of individual orders, not a total.

For this to be useful tracking sales, job costs, expenses or virtually any business related values you usually want to see the sum of a list of items.



Hi all,

I just wanted to follow up on this thread and let you know that the latest iOS update includes the summary bar! Just pull down to reveal the summary bar (like in the GIF below) :smile:

You can also update the summary function inline by tapping on a column header and tapping “Choose summary function.”

As always, let us know if you have any other feedback — we’d love to hear from you!


The summary bar does not appear on IOS devices with a read only shared link or embed code on a web site.


Thank you for fixing this.


Please make this for android as well… :slight_smile:


Is the summary bar up yet for Android?