Year view for Calendar

To get an overview for long-term project planning, a “Year view” in Calendar is needed.

Gant charts aren’t usable for my usage case because every task needs to be on a different line.
This way, information is scattered and I can’t get a decent overview.

(If grouping items on a gant chart didn’t merge all of the different subitems into one big blurp but kept different tasks with their start and end dates on the same line… Yes, then it would be useful, then it would be great. - But that’s for a different feature request. Let’s stick to a Year option in Calendar view as for now. Easy to implement, so…)


Here’s an image to show how useful a Year View can be - if you color code your ‘records’:

(It’s only for September - December 'cause I only recently started planning my weeks with Google Calendar. :slight_smile:)

…So if we can have this on a halfway decent Android calendar, please, Airtable, can we also have this inside Airtable on our laptops?

Hi Tim, what did you use to make the calendar above - Google Calendar?

Hi @Dom_Ash, that is a screenshot from OneCalendar (and it syncs with Google Calendar).

It is not a great calendar app - for that I recommend Business Calendar 2 (Android) - but their year view is less useful. :slight_smile:

I would love a Year view that doesn’t have the granularity of the day, but just shows the month and a list of the events that are scheduled in that month.

This feature would be amazing and helpful!
Looking for an easy way to capture the big picture of the year
Please please please

Hello, since Airtable is notably SLOOOOOW in implementing new features, I started to look elsewhere…

For something that:

  • offers a useable year view
  • syncs with Google Calendar OR has a Zapier integration (so you can make it sync with Airtable, with some workarounds)

I was surprised to find that there is almost NOTHING out there in terms of decent year calendars… Very sad!

Here’s my “top 3” of (more or less) decent options:


    The best option out there… Not great yet, but it has potential.
    Offers 3 year views: “horizontal”, “vertical” and “montly”.
    Syncs with Google Calendar.
    Developer is very open to suggestions.


    They offer a year view - which is the same as Yearglance’s “horizontal” view - but to me it just looks awkward… With the beginning of the months not being aligned and all.

    I really want to see my year divided in MONTHS because I think in MONTHS - but that’s personal.
    Other than that it seems to work fine and it syncs with Google Calendar.


    Same as TeamUp: only a “horizontal” year view, but… there’s no Google Calendar sync. :frowning: So you can’t make it integrate with Airtable.
    The product is still young, though, so it might be added in the future.


Hope this helps and saves you all some time… :slight_smile:

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