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Automation / Link to another record problems

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Hey guys,
So, I have two views in a table:

In view “Create Load”, I have 3 separate “Link to another record” fields.

In view “All loads”, I have “Link to another record” field as well.

So, I wanted to make automation, whenever I fill Stops fields from “Create Load” view , those should be automatically filled, through automation, in “Shipper(s) & Receiver(s)” field from “All Loads” field (as it’s shown in previous two pictures).

But it seems that doesn’t work as I planed for some reason.

My automation is as it follows(tried with ID, names etc.):

But, the result I’m getting is weird. It keeps creating new records in my other table with Shippers and Receivers.

Also, it looks like it does not recognize “,” symbols. I tried without it, but without any success

How can I fix that?


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Hello Michael, Did you find the solution? I have exactly the same problem! It keeps creating new records in my other table instead of just selecting them separately as they are in other fields. I want record to be as when I manually select them, as for the Record no. 1 (Test 1). Record no. 2 (Test 2) was created by automation.



Unfortunately no. I have no solution on this one. Hope someone with more experience will help us.