Rollup field issues with editing window and API connection

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It’s great to be able to filter entries for rollup field calculations. I just noticed that recently. However, I’m running into a couple issues with it:

  1. The editing area of the rollup window is tiny, so it is difficult to edit parameters.
  2. The API is not properly transmitting the rollup fields as it does with the others.

There’s a chance #2 could be an issue with a separate service, but I thought the rollup result might not be reported in the same way as formulas and number fields.

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I can’t speak to the API side of things, but I can comment briefly on this:

The field setup dialog size is determined by your window size. If you’re on a small screen, like a laptop, the field setup dialog compresses a bit, with rollup fields suffering the most. You can get a little more real estate if you run your browser (or the desktop app, whichever you’re using) full-screen. You might also try increasing your desktop resolution.