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Multi-Variable Formula for Calculating Attribution of a Sale

Hello Airtable friends.I have a somewhat simple formulaic excel sheet that becomes very complicated when breaking it up to be used in Airtable.The goal:Based on the type of sale, each of 6 static 'sale stages' should have defaul percentage (out of 10...

Jack_Skinner by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Rollup from Multiselect - Expense Calculator

I am trying to create a tracker for trip expenses. I have a list of Attendees in one table, then Receipts in another with a "Charge To" field (since sometimes expenses wont be shared evenly across the group) that is a link to the Attendees table. Wha...

treverr by 4 - Data Explorer
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Trying to create an "averageif" in airtable

Hello team! I am trying to calculate the average weekly attendance in airtable. I downloaded the data from airtable and was able to calculate it in excel using an "averageif" function but I am not sure how I can implement it in airtable. The last col...

cs by 4 - Data Explorer
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Splitting out values from multiple linked records

Hi everyone,I’m looking to incorporate the tracking of SLA’s into our base to measure performance against timestamps. Currently I have a table of all our SLA’s with descriptions and numeric values for the SLA which will be used in the calculation. We...

Resume Parsing

Hi All,Is there any option if I upload a resume in My Airtable base and with the help of any extension,  parse the basic information like Name/Email ID/Contact No./Current Company in respective field.I agree that I am expecting too much from Airtable...

Sum by Group Value

Hello,I'm trying to create a schedule table to track team members availability each month using the total # of budgeted hours by month.E.g. for the month of May  If Sum of {Budgeted Hours} > 160 = "Overbooked" , = 160 "Fully Booked",  < 160 "Underboo...

cmhollis by 4 - Data Explorer
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Sum up COUNTIF across multiple tabs in a table.

Hi, I have this table in which each tab has a column with a checkmark ('Interested Lead'). I would like to sum up the total number of checkmarks in the 'Interested Lead" column across all the tabs in this table. 1). What should I use? a function? a r...

JDC_361 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Rollup concatenate formula help

I have a rollup formula that returns a bullet pointed listed, which works beautifully (supplied by this incredible community - thanks!). I need to concatenate that with additional information though and am at a total loss.  This is my current output....

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 9.56.33 AM.png

Difference in attachment url

Hi, I have many rows with multiple attachments. Some attachment urls are having format. Some of them have https://dl.airtable format.How do i tweak the script if possible to get https://dl.airtable format? I nee...

Display Options

Hi! I just moved over here from Quickbase. On QB, when I did a search, all the matching results appeared, and no other records were showing.In my new Airtable, my search results in a single highlighted instance of the matching search result, and I mu...

enhompe by 4 - Data Explorer
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Need help with Inventory table for my Short Term Rental.

Hello, I am using airtable to keep track of inventory for my Short Term Rental.I have an "Inventory" table + an "Update Inventory" table.When my cleaner is counting inventory in my STR she'll click on the "Update Inventory" button on my inventory tab...

rtlew by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Pull in values from another table based on date field

Hello amazing people! I am working on my film workspaces and trying to build a table to use for a Page Designer for a Call Sheet. I have several tabs I need to pull details from, all based on the Date Field. This Scenes tab is one of the places to pu...

Table 4.jpg Table 3.jpg

Check if value is added more than once per date

Hi everybody!I'm trying to move our Excel spreadsheet to Airtable to simplify things ans automate something.The spreadsheets is just a list of activity that we need to do (we rent stuff), have a look at the screenshot.Question: is there a way to tran...

Peter39 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Creating a default message for a field if it's left empty

Hello! I'm creating an Airtable form, and I want to enable a default text to fill in a field if the field is left empty by whoever is filling the form. Example if name is not filled in, then it will default to anonymous instead of being blank. How do...

cbg by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Rollups: geting array values

I am trying to figure our how to use rollups. Let's assume I have a list of applicants and associated interviews. The interview has "interviewer name" field.Soapplicant1 -> (interview1; interview2)Interivew1: JohnInterview2: RebeccaI am creating a ro...

VictorN by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Converting Multiple Fields into Text Field

Hi all, I am looking to create a field that will automatically create a string from multiple sources.I am looking to create a bar schedule and I've found that the Gannt view is best for this as it allows me to export as a PDF. My issue is that I'd li...