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Form Add Records to Multiple Tables

Hey guys,I am looking for a way to add records form a linked field using a form.Heres what I what I have right now:GFX Request Form to create a new dated request in the Requests table, I have a linked field to "Individual GFX"  to track the individua...

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Prefilling a Field in Form Builder?

I am new to Airtable and created my first form a few days ago using the new Form Builder interface. After the fact, I realized there was a field I hadn't included that I'd like to prefill. I read through all the various instructions on prefilling by ...

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Resolved! Difficulty with Clicking into Linked Records in List View

Hi there--I'm trying to setup a three-tiered list in the interface builder. Some of the tiers also leverage linked records. I have enabled click into linked record and even designed the card that should fly out when the record is double clicked, but ...

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Interfaces - any way to add contextual help or text

I'd like to add some contextual help, definitions, and things like that for our users. Is something like that doable? I haven't found anything in interface designer to do so.I know on the older pages I can add text elements, but the newer pages don't...

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corb by 6 - Interface Innovator

Issues with New forms - Refresh Page to Submit Form

Hi Everyone, I've started using the new interface forms and come across a few issues with loading. The latest one can be seen in the attached. When a client receives a link in an email to the form, then adds some text, they get this error when submit...

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Button from base to interface

Hello, I want to know if a button in a field in a base can open up an interface page (in list form) with pre-defined conditions? Like for example it shows only those results that satisfy certain criteria. Further any changes done on the interface sho...

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Resolved! Make fields in a sidesheet editable?

Hi, I've been struggling with this for an hour and I'm hoping someone might be able to help.I have a Timeline Interface that displays a series of tasks, and I want my users to be able to edit the task fields - changing the assignee or the status for ...

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Calendar Element in Form Interface

Dear All, for facilitating a workflow, I'd like to integrate an Calendar element in a form interface. From my understanding the new form editor is based on the interface designer, but when you are in the form builder, there is no option to add any ot...

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Resolved! Interface Timeline Formula

I am looking to find a formula that takes you right to the Interface from the source table, with the record expanded on the right side inside the Interface and also specific to what ever is pre-selected on the "Drop Down" option. So I want it based o...

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Interface designer issue. Recent change.

Hello, this morning I noticed a change within a few of my interfaces. Certain elements aren't auto resizing, and I can't manually resize them either. This was a recent change. I tried deleting these elements and adding them back, but they seem to kee...

Airtable example.png AT example 2.png
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Resolved! "Email me" when form is submitted

I recently updated a form to "new forms" (by clicking on the "⇧ upgrade to new forms" button from a form view within a base) and edited/published the form via an Interface (as opposed to within a base, as I've done previously). I want to enable the s...

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