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Looking for support on Capacity Planning for creative agency

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Dear Airtable community,

I’m looking for external support on capacity planning for my creative agency.

What I want to get out of it?

  • Resource planning according to project phases: Team setup, Creative Loop & Pitch (1st round of ideas/Pitch and Fine Concepting), Execution, and Reporting.
  • Cross-reference with team holidays
  • Flag when we need to hire freelancers
  • Figure out best way to allocate time on project phases/assets per individual talent from each team: creative, art, social media, project management

Please reach out to me on with your daily fee so we can take it from there.

Thank you,


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Hi @Priscila_Mesquita ,

PM sent, Please check.


Hi Priscila,
This is something that Airtable would be ideal for.
I would love to hear more about your project.
I sent you an email from
Best Wishes,

Hi @Priscila_Mesquita - would love to help out Granny. We’ve worked with several creative agencies and understand the model well. I’ll ping you via email or feel free to connect here: