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4 - Data Explorer

Hello AirTable community - I am very new to AirTable and learning the ropes. I have attempted to get a clear answer on this within the regular knowledgebase but cannot find it.

I have a Jira Cloud project, and I am exploring using AirTable with the goal to make it easier for my team to navigate work without needing to deal with Jira's UI. I suspect AirTable could be a better experience for them to check their own work, group work in different ways, and ultimately have the "spreadsheet-like" experience they tend to prefer.

To accomplish my use case, I need my team to be able to update their tickets from AirTable. I need my team team to edit Assignee, Priority, Status, Release, and sometimes even Summary or Description of a ticket from AirTable or else they won't be able to "avoid Jira completely" like I am hoping I can let them do with this solution.

Right now I get the following error whenever trying to edit a field: 

  • You don't have permission to edit synced records in this table.  
  • See attached screenshot for a visual example.

My Jira Cloud integration was easy to do, and went through based on my Jira account, which is an Admin account on our Jira Cloud instance. I am an Owner of the AirTable workspace this is integrated into.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

2023-07-11 - Table Sync Permission Issue (Redacted).png

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You can't edit synced tables I'm afraid.  It's possible to do this with a workaround, but it would be somewhat tedious to set up, eat up a lot of automations, and still might not be what you're looking for. 

You'll need to:
1. Manually create a field per field you want your users to be able to update
2. Have an automation that'll trigger whenever a record gets updated to paste the synced field values into the manually created fields
3. Create a checkbox field (or anything you want) that will trigger an automation when the field is updated, and its action will be to update the respective Jira task based on the data in the manually created fields

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you Adam, this seems like it could work but may be fragile and prone to breaking. Do you have any advice on how limited that solution could be?

Hmm, in terms of what you need it to do it's fine I think, no limitations there.  I don't think it's that fragile / prone to breaking actually, anything in particular you're concerned about?

The main limitation would be the number of automation runs it'd use, as every edit on Jira would trigger an automation run