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I’m manually sending an SMS through Twilio with the SMS app. I have a view called “Stage 2” where all the records that enter this view, should receive our reminder SMS. I created a field called “Sent SMS” which is a checkbox field. Is there a way to automatically set the “Sent SMS” to ‘ticked’ or ‘true’ after the SMS script has run? In order for those records to be filtered out of the “Stage 2” view and not get another duplicate SMS next time we manually send one out.
Maybe a script that batch updates all records in view “Stage 2” under field “Sent SMS” to “true”? Could anyone know how to approach this?

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The easiest way to do this would be for you to manually use the Batch Update App to check all the “Sent SMS” boxes in one fell swoop:

Since the SMS App cannot be automated or tracked in any way, there would be no way for your Airtable base to automatically know when you actually sent out the text messages, and then automatically check the checkboxes for you.

So if you needed this to be automated (i.e. after you send out the text messages, then your Airtable base is smart enough to check all the checkboxes on its own), you would have to come up with some other way to do it.

In the video podcast below, I show off how I used Integromat’s Twilio integration to create an automated SMS solution for a client.

My client can send individual SMS messages through Airtable’s SMS App, and then afterwards, Integromat polls Twilio on a regular basis to match up the information that it finds in Twilio to the information that it finds in Airtable. (In your case, that would be the equivalent of checking the checkbox field.)

It’s not 100% foolproof, and it’s not easy to setup, but it can be automated! (And if you have a budget for your project, feel free to reach out to me at

You should be able to pull off the same thing with custom JavaScripts as well.

But really, the Batch Update would just be the quickest & easiest for what you’re trying to do.

This new beta may solve all of your problems:

Thank you for the above!