Way to prevent new fields from appearing unhidden in all views



I’m wondering if you could provide an option to keep new fields hidden in all views except the one in which their added. I have a number of custom views in my tables. Currently, every time I add a new field to one view, I have to go through all of the other views and hide it.

Thank you!

  • Meg


Yes, please. I would like to see a checkbox option when creating new fields, something like “show new field in all other views: yes/no”

thank you


Yes. I’d love to see this implemented. Hiding unnecessary fields in all views is time consuming. I have a bunch of views that are client facing and am constantly trying to keep internal fields internal.


+1 to this! Happens way too often to be good.


+1 ! Yes please, this would be really helpful


This is something that I have noticed is implemented – but not transparent. Sometimes new fields are hidden, sometimes they’re not, and I haven’t figured out why yet.


Hi everyone,

We’ve just changed the behavior for new fields: now when you create a new field, it will be hidden in grid views that already have at least 1 other hidden field. The existing behavior for other view types was, and continues to be, to hide new fields in all cases.


I just discovered this today when I added a new Rating field and it was hidden in some views but not hidden in others.