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Find an existing customer in a ticket database

Hello everyone I own a frame printing and painting renovation shop. I would like to use Airtable to track my shop services.I have created a form when each customer arrives that identifies them if they are on our list of known customers and if not, th...

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My airtable loading is very slow

Hi,My airtable gets slower and slower each day. Last night I couldn't get data from a look-up field from another connected table.The main data which I have is about 800 hotels (with 6 pictures each max 1 MG) and 200 attractions 2 images each. (In tot...

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Invite Specific Users to Specific Grid View Within Base?

Is it possible to invite specific users/email addresses to specific grid views within a Base? I can only find a way to share a PW protected link or share with users of a specific email domain, but not a way to invite users to a SPECIFIC view within a...

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Multiple Dates for weekly task in Timeline view?

Hello, For the timeline view I'm working on, I have one task that I want to have appear every Monday for a period of several months—is there a way to do this more efficiently than entering each occurrence individually in Grid View? Feel like that wou...

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How to wrap text in timeline view blocks??

Is there a way to wrap the text in these blocks in Timeline view, so that i can actually read these tasks when they fall on a single day, without having to widen them and end up with even more endless side scrolling?I tried switching that field from ...

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Adding records to a linked table

I have a customer (athlete) table that is one row per customer. And a comms table, that logs when each customer posts something in our community (circle) via Zapier.Then, in the customer table I use a rollup to display the date of each customer's las...

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Resolved! lookup - most recent entry

I have a 'customer' table (one row per customer - name, email etc), and I have a 'contact' table that records the date of every instance of a customer contacting us (customer ID, date of contact etc). How would I pull in 'date of contact' into the cu...

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Resolved! Count number of expenses by month

Hi!I have a table with freelancers, I have another with expenses associated (payment info & dates that went to each freelancer). What I am trying to do is pull all expenses linked to each freelancer by month. So I have columns labeled with the months...

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Multiple Variables Record Linking

Hello community!I have a base I created to manage all tasks across multiple real estate development projects (>700 task records per project). There is a table that holds the Master template of all tasks required for each project, they’re linked to a ...

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Displaying Diversity Data Using Pie Chart

I'm working on a project wherein I'm trying to display the diversity characteristics of several universities (50+). I have an existing base with a list of all the universities I'm studying with various facets as fields across (location, size, focus, ...

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Unhide Record Fields

Hi - can anyone please assist me with how to 'unhide' these fields in record view?Please see image attached.I have clicked the little grey down arrow by the field title- and there is no option to unhide them and move them 'up' on the form. Many thank...

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Only one thumbnail shows with a + if there’s more.

Is there a way to widen the column that might allow for 2 or 3 pics to show up as thumbnails as opposed to the +1 or +2 next to just one thumbnail?  Or is there a way to edit that column to allow for addt ’l thumbnails or show?Thank you.

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