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Forms: avoid entering an existing ID

I have created a form to create new Project records. Each project requires a unique ID which matches a particular format (XXXX-000).How can I make sure that no-one uses an existing unique ID when filling out the form? I really need to avoid duplicate...

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MrW by 4 - Data Explorer

Help. Labeling Relationships in CRM

Does anyone have any ideas on how to label relationships in this CRM we are building? We have multiple relationships we want to label such as spouses, siblings, advisors, parent-child. We also want it to work in the inverse so it shows that Sally is ...

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Resolved! How to manage student weekly scores

Hello,We're an edtech startup for high school students.In addition to the in-app exams and quizzes, we also run offline exams in Telegram groups to mimic school exams (around 3 times a week).We send out a pdf to a group chat, and then each student so...

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Non-Profit Budget Base Design

I’m an Executive Director for a non-profit who uses airtable as an additional layer for grants and program budgeting.The primary piece of data/source of truth is our transaction details exported from quickbooks. There are linked tables for many thing...

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Restrict the access to record

I have two tables Properties list and Budget. In the Properties table, I have a user field that we can assign the property manager to that particular property and that manager is only able to view and edit the Budget(budget table) details belonging t...

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Make lookup or rollup field editable based on condition

I just created a budget table, and three fields(cost, products, and source) are integrated with the product table  (pulling the cost field from the product table when I choose a particular product from the budget table). if the cost field is empty or...

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Populate field with location from user

HiThis must be possible!?So I want to populate an Airtable from a front end? I want users to be able to create records.As part of the user sign up process, I will capture their address/location.When they create a record, I want airtable to p...

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How to track Beta Program participant sign-ups

Hi - I'm looking for help building a tracker for customers that sign-up for beta programs. I have a table for Customers. And I have a table with a list of Beta Programs.For each beta program, they will have a google form where customers can be nomina...

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