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Combining data of two different column in a new table

Hi there ! First of all english is not my mother langage, sorry if my english is not perfect.I'm working on a customer networking project.We have a multitude of tables, but there's no specific naming convention. they're table used by sales people, so...

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Sync Informations in the same Base between tables

Hello Airtable CommunityI have a base with several tables (one for each department) to plan their content. So print, social media organic, PR etc.Each team has 1-3 interfaces. Now I want to synchronize the most important information from all these ta...

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Moving Multiple Tables at Once

Can someone tell me if there is a way to select several tables at once to move them? For example, when creating new tables, they are automatically placed at the very end of all existing tables. We have a lot of tables in our base, and I often have to...

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How can I change the connecting line color in an org chart?

I have an org chart that's looking good except for one thing: the lines that connect the name cells are in a faint blue that is all but illegible. The help bot gave me irrelevant advice, so I'm trying here. How can I configure the color of those line...

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Connecting Tasks and Projects

I have a project and a task table. The tasks are all connected to projects. I'd like to connect the tasks together so when I need to delay (or move up) a project I can move all the tasks together. I thought when they came out with dependencies, that ...

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Showing the most recent records attached to a linked field

Hello everybody!I have two tables one that shows products and one that shows orders. What I want to do is inside the table that shows the orders. I want to have a view that shows most recent order that each product is attached too. Is there anyway to...

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How can I give out % condition matches after a certain date?

Hey community,I'm fairly new to Airtable and I am faced with a task I myself cannot seem to wrap my head around: I created a single-select field that checks for a condition (e.g. did you have lunch today?). It's currently not being used yet because I...

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Help with Running Totals

I've created a base for my softball league and could use a second set of eyes on a problem I can't seem to crack. I want to be able to input the game scores in the "Schedule" tab and then have everything else update accordingly (runs scored, runs all...

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