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Restringir fecha before today

Hi, I am doing a form for a remiders request, and I need that the filed "fecha de envio" the person is requesting the reminder have not the option to select a day before Today (current day).

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Viewing financials over time

Hi,I'm using AirTable to track potential sales opportunities and would like to visualise on a chart the revenue per month.  This is similar to the Gantt chart view but instead would show the size of revenue rather than simply a project.For example, i...

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Create Bar Chart from Date Fields

Dear AT Community!I'm collecting arrival and departure dates for an event setup period from workers. They can register through a form. In my base now I have two date fields with an arrival and a departure date for each worker. The setup period spans ...

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Complicated lookup field's Type causes formula to fail

I have two tables Experiments and Readings.Each experiment is linked to two or more reading records. Each reading has a DateTime field, and some readings such as pH and temperature. The pH and temperature readings are number fields.I want to use the ...

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Resolved! Phone Number to Plain Text Formula

Hello, I think I need a help of Airtable community even though there is built in AI helper in the formula field. Here is what I am trying to do and have no success for some unknown for me reason. I'm creating an automation that with the click of the ...

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bedjik by 6 - Interface Innovator

Help with Scripting to Add Totals by Commercial and Year in Airtable

Hello Airtable community,I am working on a project where I need to automate some financial reports in Airtable and I would like to ask for your help to solve a specific challenge related to conditional sums in several tables.Context:I have a base wit...

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Resolved! Formula between dates

Hello - I have a date column of when an event will occur (Showcase Date) & I am wanting a formula to populate deadlines based on number of days before or after this date. Here is the formula I created but it is not working. Any suggestions? I have tr...

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using sum values in grouped fields for other formulas

How do I use sum values automatically calculated when grouping fields for other formulas?I have to calculate the sum of values of a grouped field in other formulas. Is it possible? someone told about rollup, but I did not manage to obtain any useful ...

Screenshot 2024-04-12 alle 13.06.15.png
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